Border Security


Smartdec is autonomous situational awareness system for remote areas. It uses small, battery powered intelligent radio based sensors to monitor the environment and to take a pictures of possible threats. Smartdec devices have secure end-to-end encrypted communication. Sensors in the Detector register different types of information: movement, humidity, temperature. Information about date and time is added to every piece of information.

The system is functional 24/7, but activates from its sleep mode only when movement is detected or when devices send routine checks. The whole perimeter monitoring system is equipped with an anti-theft functionality.

The radio based system and long-lasting battery-fed sensors allow intruders and movements to be tracked along border roads and areas and among trees and in forests and wadis. Rapid installation and relocation makes it possible to respond efficiently in a changing environment and in tactically critical operations.

Smartdec best in its class:
• 400-day rechargeable battery and encrypted radio communication do not require any supporting infrastructure and minimize use interface with remote deployments,
• integrated cameras and sensors allow visual verification,
• integration with other type of detection sensors and UAV’s,
• small size facilitates concealment,
• fast and easy to deploy in days and weeks, not years,
• superior close detection capabilities captures HD or better images.

Smartdec is the ideal border guard solution for detecting intruders in a forested border area in areas deep in the woods and away from border checkpoints and stations.

Smartdec can be used to:

  * land borded surveillance

  * apprehend illegal traders

  * reduce smuggling,

  * increase tax revenue,

  * apprehend human smugglers,

  * detecting border violators and controlling immigration

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