Oil & Gas Defense


The Smartdec system makes it possible to secure key assets of the oil and gas industry, oil rigs and derricks, oil pipelines and refineries that cover large areas. It is easy and low-cost to install the system, which is battery-powered and uses wireless communications, and no special training is required. The system’s long (up to 1.5 years) recharge-free period allows remote sites to be kept secure in a cost-effective manner. Its operation is similar to video security and allows rapid response to be made to any potential threat, thus preventing more extensive losses.

OIl & Gas defense system can be used to prevent or significantly reduce the likelihood of the following risks:


  * theft of oil from pipelines,

  * vandalism in pump stations,

  * terrorism at storage tanks and refineries,

  * theft at refineries,

  * intrusions on offshore platforms


The Smartdec defense system is suitable for:


  * oil battery protection

  * guarding and monitoring oil pipelines

  * oil and gas pumping station security

  * guarding refineries

  * offshore platform protection

See also: Smartdec remote monitoring system