Defendec appoints a new member July 16, 2010

Defendec appoints a former national Managing Director of the Thales group to its Advisory Board

Defendec is pleased to announce the addition of Olaf Valeur to the company’s Board of Advisors. Valeur will help Defendec develop its international business network in the field of security and military sectors worldwide.

Valeur has a wealth of experience in the military sector and international defence industry. He was the first President & CEO of the Nammo Group. His previous contacts and experience as a Chairman of the Nammo companies in Sweden, Finland and Germany, Technical and Marketing Director of the Defence Division of Alcatel Telecom Norway AS and many other military and security companies will bring additional competence to Defendec.

“Olaf Valeur brings critical know-how regarding tactical management and a wealth of military based business development experience to Defendec” comments Jaanus Tamm, CEO of Defendec, “We are incredibly pleased to have him on board.”

Defendec’s latest product, a new type of cost effective miniaturized network of multi-sensors called “Smartdec”, works in remote areas and lasts up to 400 days without maintenance. Since the launch of Smartdec, the product has become very popular in several countries around the world.

“Defendec's breakthrough surveillance technology is unique and solves critical security problems, particularly in the military and security sectors. I’m very impressed of the accomplishments of this smart and dedicated team, and am eager to help the company realize its vast potential. The adoption of Smartdec by the Estonian Border Guard has created a strong foothold for international expansion,” states Olaf Valeur upon joining Defendec in his return to the defence business.

Defendec is an innovative technology company that develops surveillance systems for military, security and infrastructure sectors worldwide.

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