Defendec Pilots Smartdec-as-a-Service August 28, 2014

Defendec has rolled out a new highly cost-effective service-based solution for the Smartdec electronic border guard system – Smartdec-as-a-Service. 

Smartdec-as-a-Service provides end users a great way to multiply their border guard forces instantly, without big investments. Smartdec can be used as long-term subscription based service. 

"Border guards around the world face the fact that they don't have the resources to secure all the border at once. Smartdec-as-a-Service provides them the possibility to get the maximum coverage instantly," states Jaanus Tamm, Defendec CEO. "Considering the geopolitical situation in the world, border guards have to be more prepared, act quicker and have a better overview of what is going on in the borderline. This is the place where Smartdec-as-a-Service can really make a difference," Jaanus Tamm sums up.

Smartdec is an electronic border guard for remote areas, the only wireless product on the market to offer a real time HD “virtual eye” capability in remote areas. Visual verification system is operational 400 days with one battery charge cycle. Smartdec is up and running in 2 minutes, with low nuisance alarm rate, secure communications and no investments in infrastructure.  

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