Defendec Releases Smartdec 3.0 November 30, 2013

Defendec has released Smartdec 3.0 bringing significant improvements to its electronic border guard system for users in the field. 

Smartdec uses a network of small wireless cameras linked to motion sensors that send visual confirmation to users in a matter of seconds.  The system upgrades increase the speed of image transmission and alarm arrival time and increase the distance of the detectors from the main bridge enhancing the system’s overall effectiveness.


The Smartdec system consists of a series of small, lightweight, and easily camouflaged detectors that are equipped with a camera and long-lasting batteries, a base unit, and the control center.  When movement is sensed, the detector sends a visual confirmation to the control center.  There the image can be analyzed, and border patrols can determine whether or not to send patrols to inspect the area.


Smartdec can be up and running in just two minutes without any additional training needed.  The cameras are designed to be deployed in remote and rugged terrain where it is difficult to conduct foot patrols.  The cameras are programmed to only recognize human and vehicle infiltrations. False alarms for wild animals have been eliminated.  This feature prevents border patrols from wasting time on nuisance calls. The system can be operational for years with only one battery charge cycle making it almost maintenance free. Unlike its competitors, Smartdec’s equipment is completely wireless so additional infrastructure investments are unnecessary.


“As the recent Lampedusa tragedy demonstrates, human trafficking is, unfortunately, an active enterprise across the world.  Smartdec offers border guard agencies struggling with limited personnel and budget resources an effective border security solution to put an end to human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, and other nefarious activities,” said Jaanus Tamm, CEO of Defendec Ltd.  “Smartdec is truly a unique product that is operational around the world, and it is improving remote border areas security every day.”


Since the initial rollout of the system in 2010, Smartdec has been proven to help stop international smuggling, illegal trafficking, and acts of sabotage making it the technology of choice among border guards around the world. Smartdec is also operational in the critical infrastructure sector making the protection of assets in remote areas much easier.


Defendec is a global defense and security company specializing in the development of world-class remote premises surveillance technology.

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