Estonia Became 41st Space Nation May 07, 2013

Estonia became 41st space nation after Estonia's first satellite ESTCube-1 was rocketed off to orbit the Earth on  May 7th 2013 at 05:06! Defendec's team is very proud to contribute in the project - our Embedded Software Engineer Andres Vahter has developed the communication module for the satellite.

ESTCube-1 was built in Estonia by students from Tartu University, Estonian Aviation Academy, Tallinn University of Technology and University of Life Sciences. The project started in 2008. The satellite's payload has been developed in conjunction with Finnish Meteorological Institute and German Space Center (DLR).

The main mission of the satellite is to test the electric solar wind sail, a novel space propulsion technology that could revolutionize transportation within the solar system. As Estonia's first satellite, the project will also be used to build Estonian infrastructure for future space projects and to educate space engineers.

The satellite is a cubesat measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm and weighing 1.05 kg.

Congratulations to the ESTCube-1 team for a great work!

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