US Embassy Donates Border Security Equipment to Albanian Border and Migration Department December 19, 2011

On December 1, 2011, the United States Embassy in Tirana, Albania supported the Albanian Government by donating Defendec’s innovative monitoring systems for border protection. The donation was made possible under the Export Control and Related Border Security Assistance (EXBS) program, which is led and funded by the U.S. Department of State. EXBS is a worldwide program that aims to support countries to improve their export control systems, to prevent illegal shipments and smuggling, and to counter weapons proliferation threats.  

The ceremony was attended by the Albanian Minister of Interior Affairs Mr. B. Nishani, the U.S. Ambassador to Albania Mr. A. Arvizu, the Director General of State Police Mr. H. Burgaj, the EXBS program manager, Mr D.Ott, other senior representatives of the Albanian Police Organization, and Defendec's local representative Mr. K. Paja, and Sales Director Mr. T. Hiltunen.

During his welcoming speech at the ceremony, Ambassador Arvizu praised the Ministry of Interior and Police State for their continued cooperation and partnership. "We hope that the equipment being donated to the Border and Migration Police structures in the Albanian State Police help not only in border protection and management of your country but also help to contribute to Albania's path towards EU integration," the American Ambassador stated.

“Defendec's wireless monitoring systems have been in use on the EU external borders, are using technology proven by European Schengen countries, and have helped border guards to monitor remote areas for years,” said Mr. Hiltunen.

“Smartdec systems gives to the border guards more time to react on a true hazard, and avoid empty patrol calls”, says Director of the Border Guard of Albania Mr P. Nako.

Mr Nako also says that Albanian Border Guard has been waiting for modern monitoring systems for a long time, especially those systems which can take a concrete picture from people and vehicles who cross the border in green perimeter because this type of perimeter is usually hard to monitor.

“We would like to thank the US EXBS program for making it possible to install ‘virtual eyes’ on the Albanian state borders, and we look forward to continued cooperation with both the Albanian Border and Migration police as well as EXBS. Ensuring safe borders

should not be dealt with individually, but through international cooperation and shared common interests and values,” stated Hiltunen.

“Albanian Border Guards were impressed by the outcome of the first trial of Defendec's system that demonstrated that illegal border crossing is a big problem in Albania. For example, thanks to the system, border guards were able to capture individuals involved in illegal border crossings and weapons trafficking,” said Mr. Paja. He also mentioned that the donation of this equipment will increase the regional security level as well as prevent illegal trafficking.

Defendec is a high technology company that provides and develops the best return on investment and maintenance free surveillance systems for remote areas in military, security and critical infrastructure sectors worldwide.

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